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A small company with big capabilities

We understand light. We love light. We know how light can transform a space. Most importantly, we understand how light affects people.

Design Services mission is sustainable lighting design that is primarily about people and not the technology. Our practice has been about being mindful of energy use and other sustainability factors forever. We also provide services and solutions that address the specific needs of the lighting, architecture and design communities in a manner that exceeds their expectations.


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Lighting Design

Bring your space to life. Lighting adds a new dimension to the space and the way spaces are illuminated has a significant impact on the overall design and experience. Finest bespoke lighting makes a bold statement and with personalised, tailored design elevates and enhances your space.

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Design Support Services

Over the course of lighting a project there are many chances for things to go wrong. Good advice and support by using wrap-around services through the project life cycle reduces the chance for something to go wrong. We can help you minimise project issues from the initial design phase with our overview which does not just fix problems but can anticipate and prevent them.

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Want the best lighting design & support services in New Zealand, let us get together and throw some ideas around.

Our Work Process

We believe that together we can make things better

We like to think we are different and working with us will be a refreshing experience. When working with us you get to work alongside a highly skilled and flexible team who will assist you every step of the way.



Our priority is to listen and understand, then to validate and articulate your unique, actual needs. With your input, we will decide together which objectives are in your interest.



This phase of the process engages the imagination and the intellect on both macro and micro level. The big picture begins to emerge, while the fine detail is simultaneously being hammered out.



The design phase is an iterative process where your feedback is actively solicited and integrated into each new iteration. You will have a clear understanding of what the design will look like.



Finalizing the design or making changes to it until the design exactly aligns with your outline, fulfilling the objective. Our services and commitments to you continue even after the project is completed.

Our Clientele

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