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Why Us?

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A good strategy is like a map - it tells you the best way to reach your destination, so your valuable resources are not wasted.

Stage 01

Realistic Recommendations


Light calculation:

Point by point


Light report

Lighting calculation focuses on fulfilling the requirements based on standards or client's requests. Direct or reflected light on any real surface or imaginary plane can be measured with point by point calculation. Using this, we can predict or quantify the distribution of artificial or natural light in any environment.

Isolines provide contouring capability to demonstrate illuminance, glare ratio, unified glare ratio values, luminance, daylight factor and visibility level values. While reports include several technical information, basic 3D visualization, illuminance or luminance levels and lighting quality.

Stage 02

3D Simulation



Realistic modelling


False colour rendering

Visualisations are great way for perspective impressions of the various spaces in a project. This is an ideal way for showcasing the lighting effects and atmosphere which helps in making decisions for different concepts approach if needed.

Realistic modelling is achieved by constructing almost any architectural environment in detail are to be recreated allowing us to accurately model the architectural elements of any project. In the rendering process fast and photometrically accurate colour images are generated that conveys the behaviour of light within an environment.

Illuminance and Luminance are evaluated by means of colour temperature scale for quick reference and analysis to visually determine the levels of the surroundings in the false colour rendering process.

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